Oliver Lieb - Phosphorous EP


Oliver Lieb - Phosphorous EP

Oliver Lieb is an artist who can truly be considered as legendary within the electronic scene. The Frankfurt master-craftsman who, through 2018, caused a commotion with his immaculate 3-track ‘Epoxi EP’(BEDDIGI117), and contributed the mighty ‘Osyris’ for ‘Bedrock XX’(BED20CDDIGI) and ‘When It’s Dark Outside’(in his L.S.G. guise) for ‘Live In Tokyo’(BEDTYODIGI). Now, he is about to wake up 2019 with his highly anticipated Bedrock return and the breath-taking ‘Phosphorous EP’.

Powered by a monstrous, pummelling kick, hissing hats and shakers ‘Red Phosphorous’rises, ever-upwards, into a gargantuan wall of fizzing, unrelenting Techno energy. In its ‘Reduced Mix’format the immaculate layers of percussion and synth work are expanded and blended into an equally explosive and magnificently hypnotic alternative chemical reaction. ‘Black Phosphorous’ continuesthe gloriously intense percussive theme, getting more experimental and abstract, whilst ‘Violet Phosphorous’ concludes this sophisticated audio experiment, by shape shifting between unrelenting weighty intensity and delicate fragile beauty. In summation, the ‘Phosphorous EP’is an utterly exhausting aural experience par excellence.

Having been an inspirational figure since those heady days (and nights) of the embryonic club scene back in 1988, and having exceeded an astonishing 300+ productions in his 30-year career, Oliver Lieb remains a steadfast fixture in the premier league of international producers and (most importantly) keeps surprising and amazing everyone with his extraordinary sounds and stylistic diversity. Oliver views music as an endless horizon of expression and refuses to be pigeonholed in one specific genre, an attitude well suited to the Bedrock ethos. An additional array of aliases – L.S.G., SOL, Spicelab, The Ambush, Paragliders, Mindspace – have given him the freedom to paint genre-blurring musical portraits that are timeless and stand as key creative markers in the history of a scene that continues to grow and always evolve.

For those wanting to further explore and join the dots from years gone by, Oliver Lieb’s ‘Parallax’ as featured on John Digweed’s ‘Structures Two’ album (BEDSTRUCTCD2), ‘Epsilon Eridani EP’(BED99), and his collaborative project (as The Audible Suspects) with Jimmy Van M (BEDCOLLAB01), are all well worth checking.

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