LuLúxpo - Piscine Palace EP


LuLúxpo - Piscine Palace EP

Geneva based duo LuLúxpo bring their French and Argentinian influences together into the second release for their "Paradise Children" imprints, a groovy four tracker consisting of two original tracks and two reworks.

The title track "Piscine Palace" beams off with a rave-reminiscing onward synth juxtaposed with a luscious French vocal. The bassline imprints dynamism from the get go, as eclectic elements intersperse, creating an electro-ridden composition dotted with beeps and bells.

First up on remix duties, Tristesse Contemporaine turns the track around, managing to capture the well-balanced melancholy of the initial track, and infusing it with newfound sonic life.

Headman offers up a stripped down, laid back version of "Piscine Palace", balancing a minimalist bassline with a subsided reiteration of the vocal.

The second original track, aptly titled "Nostalgia" channels a dreamy aesthetic with solar synths and a zippy bassline, coming together in a slice of cosmic electro-disco.

All in all, a release with thoroughly introspective cuts, both in balanced out forms as well as more vibrant and passion driven bits.

Out on Vinyl, 14th February / Digial, 14th March