Rancido and Fabian Raphaël bring something new and it is magical!

Rancido and Fabian Raphaël bring something new and it is magical!

‘Hope’ is the new track released by Rancido on his own label ‘Omeni’ together with Fabian Raphaël. Rancido has the tendency to turn everything into an amazing musical journey and the track ‘Hope’ is no different. Working together with the talented singer Fabian they created a track that sounds magical in every possible way.

Rancido has created a unique sound over the years as a producer. Bringing an experience towards the bigger audience in his music as well as in his sets. Having premiered at Ultra Miami in 2023 the future is bright for him. Now releasing ‘Hope’ as a testament to his state of mind and everything he wants to achieve. Putting the single out on his own imprint ‘Omeni’. 

The label was launched back in 2017 and has over 50 releases to date. Giving artists a platform to release music they believe in. From Ambient / Electronica to Melodic House and Techno to Afro House. Rancido has had a running start this year, travelling the globe with his passion and releasing the track ‘Leon’ prior to his ‘Ultra Miami’ performance. Now with ‘Hope’ Rancido turns a new page in his career to show you a variety in skill and production in contrast to his other tracks. Truly a versatile performer that sets the bar high for himself.

The track has a positive message that will resonate with anyone who listens. It is a statement to the power of hope and how it can drive us forward, no matter the circumstances. With elements and timings that will catch you off-guard, ‘Hope’ is a track that thrives with multiple listens. With every following play, the magic takes you further. Sit back, press play and vibe.



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