Various Artists - Six Swords


Various Artists - Six Swords

Next up from Atish & Mark Slee’s quirky San Francisco label Manjumasi is a showcase of rapidly rising production talents. Entitled Six Swords VA after the six producers involved, this is a collection of finely crafted, edgy and mysterious tracks from artists all over the world.

Leading the way is Unjam Emery, a new Swiss production duo from Geneva. Their track ‘Sleepwalker’ sets a bold tone for the release. Chugging comfortably along at 111bpm, a terrifically woozy blend of swirling synth motifs suck you in to another world. This is followed up by an encore performance from Russian producer Saultloom, whose Kowtow EP debuted on Manjumasi in May. ‘Canoodle’ is a trippy exploration, picking up the tempo and taking us further down the rabbit-hole, once again showcasing Saultloom's ability to craft highly unique synth-driven grooves.

Next up is LA-based Fernando Aragon, whose beautiful synth-laden tune ‘Bergah’ softens the mood, with a memorable lead line which is at once uplifting and enchanting, yet tinged with a beautiful melancholy. After that come DOTT (Dogs On The Turns), a prolific and fast-rising DJ and producer from Bangkok, Thailand. His cut, ‘Kobe's Lost Journey’, offers a haunting loop-driven groove with a bouncing bassline and an undeniable air of mystery.

Next, Brooklyn-to-LA transplant Sam Jaspersohn continues the journey with ‘Pretty Vacant’ introducing a darker shade. Razor-edged synth textures and eerie bell tones weave throughout. Finally, things close down with a collaboration between Pakistani producer V i v i d and Greece's Savvas. Their stellar offering, ‘In the Sky, to the Stars’ is a gentle and dreamy lullaby, soft melodic grooves wafting through the ether.

This is a succulent showcase of some fresh and absorbing grooves that proves Manjumasi continues to do things right.


1. Unjam Emery – Sleepwalker
2. Saultloom – Canoodle
3. Fernando Aragon – Bergah
4. DOTT – Kobe's Lost Journey
5. Sam Jaspersohn – Pretty Vacant
6. V i v i d & Savvas – In the Sky, to the Stars