Audioglider - Subaquamarine


Audioglider - Subaquamarine

Audioglider (aka Roberto Sodano) has been a busy boy since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Accidental Beauty’ on Section Records two years ago. With releases and remixes coming forth on a whole host of labels such as Sudbeat, Stripped, 238W, Stellar Fountain, Suffused, Mistique and Soundteller, word has clearly spread far and wide about the unique sound and deft production skills of this London-based producer. Roberto has been upping the tempo recently, applying his sonic skills to producing some damn fine progressive electronica, rooted on the dancefloor but with its head in the clouds.

Section Records is delighted to have the opportunity to, once again, present a body of Roberto’s work in the form of his second full-length artist album, ‘Subaquamarine’. This time round, he has taken elements of the dancefloor and concocted an evolution of his downtempo sound to create a modern Balearic classic, condensing the album into what would be a classic electronica head’s night out – head nodders, hip shakers, smiles and glances, a head full of stardust, and memories of joy and nostalgia created on a journey from anticipation, realisation and acquiescence.

A journey in every sense of the word, ‘Subaquamarine’ takes the listener through a beautiful and uplifting landscape. We lift off from chilled and reflective beginnings with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, ‘Aerial View’, ‘Edison Spark’ and the polyrhythms of ‘The Keymaster’, before the pace builds with ‘Driver XVX’, through the gorgeous and enveloping nu-disco-tinged ‘Moulin Bessou’ed’, the downright awesome powerhouse of ‘Ocular Overkill’ and the electro energy of ‘Selective Amnesia’, before it’s back to Rob’s place for a chill session finale with the closers ‘Slideshow’ and ‘Always And Infinite’. The vibes are positive and beautiful throughout, leaving you feeling nostalgic for the listening experience you’ve just enjoyed and ready to go back to the beginning and do it all again!

‘Ocular Overkill’ will be released as a single a couple of weeks prior to the album, with remixes from Section label boss Nick Brennan (a.k.a. Tripswitch) and Boston (USA) based progressive chillwave luminaries, We Are All Astronauts.

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