Benny Camaro - Voodoo Sax


Benny Camaro - Voodoo Sax

Italian production wizard Benny Camaro is on fire this month. Having already released two stellar productions – ‘Push It Back’ and ‘Night Train’, managing to climb Beatport charts, he is now back again with another wonder by the name of ‘Voodoo Sax’. Released on the 18th of September, 2015, ‘Voodoo Sax’ is set to continue Benny Camaro’s ongoing streak of outstanding productions.

Benny Camaro is certainly not a new name within the Dance music community. He’s established himself with top-notch productions such as: ‘Crack It Out’, ‘Uh Yeah’, ‘Follow Me To Paradise’, ‘In that Mood Remix’ and ‘All In My Mind Remix’ and is continuing to amaze the crowds with consistent quality projects, including his new ‘Hot Wheels’ radio show. Along the years, the Italian talent has also managed to land massive label deals with the likes of: Jango Music, Casa Rossa, IRMA Records, Kluster Records, 5howtime Records, Cablage Records, Paper Airplane Records, Tiger Records, Tactical Records, Big Mama House Records, Secundo Records, Bounce Recordings, Dubphonedzie Records, Jungle Tekk Recordings, Data Tech Records and Musica e Parole to name a few.

Boasting infectious House beats from the very start, ‘Voodoo Sax’ is certainly off to a banging intro. Percussive flavours are added into the mix to push the rhythmic elements to another level, whilst vocals are included to enhance the melodic features of this track. A funky bass-line and synth riff take over, whilst the rest of the instrumentals are stripped-back to create anticipation for the much awaited catchy chorus. A magnificent saxophone loop is put into the spotlight as the surprise element within this single, whilst Benny Camaro devises another series of pumping choruses to follow – smartly planning a mellower breakdown between them to give the production a spicy twist, before heading into a stylish conclusion.

Benny Camaro’s latest creation ‘Voodoo Sax’ is now part of Tactical Records’ growing catalogue. The Cologne based imprint boasts an eclectic style, presenting the new, modern club sound. Benny Camaro will now be part of the Tactical Records family, amongst other renowned names like: Robert Feelgood, Savi Leon, Luke Db, J8Man, Luca Debonaire, Night Safari, Ron Carroll, DJ Dove and many more. ‘Voodoo Sax’ will surely be adding another gem to Tactical Records’ refined musical capital.