Sebo K Stories - We Tell Ourselves EP


Sebo K Stories - We Tell Ourselves EP

Scenario founder Sebo K returns to Rekids with four inspiriting cuts titled ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’ EP.

Berliner Sebo K has put out nothing but quality records since his production debut in 2002, establishing a solid reputation for high standard house music. However, recent years have seen Sebo demonstrate just how versatile he can be as an artist, releasing on Bass Culture, helming his respected Scenario label, not to mention his acclaimed ‘Patience’ LP which dropped on Rekids in 2017. Returning to Radio Slave’s imprint, ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’ EP is another breath of fresh air from the imaginative artist, returning to a label roster spanning artists like Nocow, Swayzak, P.Leone, Tripeo, and more.

‘Nebula’ suitably reflects the given name, offering an otherworldly experience integrating elevating polyphonic swirls and floating electro hallmarks before the beatless ‘Sous Les Étoiles’ generates an uplifting atmosphere through deep melodies and delicate textures. ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’ displays powerfully, emotive arpeggios layered over delightfully, stripped back breaks, leading into ‘Pink Moon’ which maintains the euphoric ambience as ethereal keys, angelic sound design and galvanising vocals operate throughout.

Sebo K ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves EP’ drops on Rekids on 9th November 2018.


1. Nebula
2. Sous Les Étoiles
3. Stories We Tell Ourselves
4. Pink Moon