Various Artists - We We We


Various Artists - We We We

Man Power’s Me Me Me label proudly presents a very special new compilation, ‘We We We’, which will see all profits donated to the vital Help Refugees charity. The release boasts 25 new and exclusive tracks from a wide range of artists both new and established including Pional, Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Medlar, ASOK, Ian Blevins and more. As well as the full album, two limited, vinyl-only samplers will also be released, with each featuring one exclusive track that is not available anywhere digitally.

The recipient of the albums profits, Help Refugees, is the leading UK NGO in a new movement of humanitarian aid, helping to plug the gaps in services not provided to those displaced by war. The man behind the compilation’s concept is Man Power aka Geoff Kirkwood, an established producer with credits for his off kilter mix of house, disco, ambient and techno on labels like John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, ESP Institute and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent.

Kirkwood says, “I have wanted to do a compilation of this nature for a long time. I’m incredibly lucky, as well as eternally grateful, to know so many talented artists who were willing to donate wonderful music towards this important cause.” The gratitude clearly flows both ways with Help Refugees director Philli Boyle saying “We are so grateful to Man Power and to all the incredible artists who have shown solidarity with displaced people across the world”.

The superb compilation kicks off in plaintive fashion with absorbing ambient tracks from Ian Blevins, Dharma and ASOK. Pale Blue’s ‘Eyes’ then brings deep and persuasive drums into the picture with thoughtful, sombre synths lingering up top. There is a real beauty to much of the selection here, as demonstrated by more wistful chords on Forriner’s lush deep house day dream ‘Sunrise in Bensham’, while jacking dance floor tackle comes from Pink Skull and Medlar’s pumping 909 drums and the pixelated melodic delights of Christophe’s rugged, Chicago-indebted jack track ‘Winder’.

Man Power himself pops up with an epic nine minute opus that is broad, sweeping house music at its most dramatic and evocative, and Pional’s ‘Night Charmer’ is a typically inventive cut with icy drones and dehumanised vocals. Big hitters like Shit Robot offer a heavy dose of dub house, while ‘Quantume Reach’ by Juan Maclean (feat Amy Douglas) is gorgeously off beat house with thoughtful chords and spine-tingling vocals with a poignant message.

This is a compilation jam-packed with a broad array of accomplished and standout sounds, and that it is all for charity only makes it an even more essential and welcome release.

The full album is released exclusively via Bandcamp on 4th May in exchange for a ‘no minimum’ donation to the charity, with the label asking to please give generously.

Help Refugees –


1. Ian Blevins – Clouds
2. Dharma – Amb22
3. ASOK – Emotional Perception
4. Pale Blue – Eyes
5. Forriner – Sunshine in Bensham
6. Jana – Leopard Eyes (Fracture Mix)
7. Elliot Adamson – Found
8. Last Waltz – I Are Dada
9. Pink Skull – Indu
10. Medlar – RSA
11. Ben Caldwell – Ping Pong
12. Dos Attack – Bolero of Fire
13. Bird of Paradise – Vape for Christ
14. Cult of Glamour – Inductive Logic
15. Force Majeure – Future Dust
16. Club Tularosa – Venturism
17. Christophe – Winder
18. Edmondson – Village
19. Raj Pannu – Thek
20. Desert Sound Colony – Clapping Rhythm is how you Hit Em
21. Juan Maclean (feat Amy Douglas) – Quantume Reach
22. Pional – Night Charmer
23. Man Power – Functions
24. Shit Robot – Today I cried
25. AWOL – 25 55.003583, -1.444611