Christian Burkhardt & Daniel Roth - Wrong Bed EP


Christian Burkhardt & Daniel Roth - Wrong Bed EP

Christian Burkhardt & Daniel Roth continue their fruitful collaboration with a pair of fresh new cuts on YET, whilst a remix from Mathias Kaden helps make this, the label’s 10th release, a brilliant one.

This pair have worked together many times before on labels like Do Not Sleep, Leftroom and Cachai. They always cook up fresh new minimal house sounds that are expertly produced and mix dancefloor clout with plenty of cinematic sound design.

Opener ‘Wrong Bed’ is a high-pressure minimal tech cut with underlapping drums that lift you off your feet. Burrowing pads and a funky, knotted, old school bassline all emphasise the groove and make this pure dancing material of the highest order.

Remixing is Vakant man and long-time underground mainstay Mathias Kaden, who skillfully flips it into something slippery and subtle, dynamic and driving. This is mind melting minimal for the late-night hours and brims with deft little details.

The other original is ‘KehrHaus’, a track that scurries along on restless, pared back drums with freaky vocals and edgy pads all underlined by a warped, wonky bassline. For the cosy clubs and heady crowds, it’s another standout cut that the likes of Villalobos are sure to hammer.

These are three hugely effective, but importantly also characterful cuts, and round out a first ten releases on YET in style.


1. Wrong Bed (Original Mix)
2. Wrong Bed (Mathias Kaden’s Reduced Down Remix)
3. KehrHaus (Original Mix)