Human Machine - 146 EP


Human Machine - 146 EP

146 is the highly anticipated second release from Human Machine, marking the debut of the Italian collective on Connaisseur Recordings.

The unfussy and atmospheric style adopted by Human Machine has caused a stir among the techno scene, with opening track 146 already being rinsed on dancefloors far and wide by Dixon, Âme and Solomun. It's easy to see why as the slowburning arpeggiator catches dancers in its grip, holding on tightly and gracefully wringing out tumbles of emotions.

Second track Drone stays true to the underlying feel of the record whilst taking a moodier approach. EP closer Janus, takes the listener on an atmospheric journey through golden fields of ambient textures that become dark and nervous as the track progresses.

The Sicilian crew’s Connaisseur debut is a wonderfully styled out one. Simple yet impactive, 146 is set for great designs.

146 drops February 29th on vinyl and digital.