2Smile Drops Dynamic Anthem “Step Up In Da Club” Igniting Dancefloors Worldwide

2Smile Drops Dynamic Anthem “Step Up In Da Club” Igniting Dancefloors Worldwide

Prepare for another electrifying experience from the dynamic duo, 2Smile. Here they unleash their hot creation, “Step Up In Da Club.” This outstanding Tech House inspired track is designed to captivate audiences with its sheer pulsating beats, urban bravado, and infectious energy that beckons everyone to hit the dancefloor instantly.

Presenting a harmonious fusion of genres “Step Up In Da Club” seamlessly blends elements of Deep House and Tech-edged soundscapes, showcasing the versatility of electronic music pioneers Axel Franchi and Benjamin Guerini. With over two decades of experience, 2Smile has transitioned from their roots in the European Free party circuit to embrace unifying styles like Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, and modern Techno.

This track is a resounding testament to the creative synergy between the pair as they radiate warmth, positivity, and a profound sense of human connection as their driving force. They effortlessly combine energetic beats with cohesive melodic undertones, creating a vibrant sonic journey that transcends boundaries and incorporates elements from diverse musical traditions from across the world.

Maintaining a legacy of excellence the duo have a distinct discography that boasts over 150 songs. 2Smile continues to build upon this legacy moving forward into 2024. Known for delivering high-quality DJ sets and live performances across Europe, the pairing has become synonymous with creating unique, magical and unforgettable party atmospheres. Their stage presence, honed over years of experience, friendship, and interaction with the audience, ensures that every performance is a unique and tailored journey.

On a clear-set mission to spread joy, 2Smile creates buoyant productions that fluidly ignite crowds. Proudly highlighting “The world needs to smile, and it’s our mission to bring it!” Both artists declare.

As contributors with a rich history and unwavering commitment to the electronic music scene, 2Smile promises even more sonic adventures in the future, following up on the success of “Step Up In Da Club.”

As 2Smile kicks the final moments of 2023 with “Step Up In Da Club,” the well programmed, minimalist production places a solid emphasis on crystal-clear rhythms and streetwise vocals. This infectious soundtrack serves as an invitation to let loose, get up, step up, and tear up the club. 2Smile brings their trademark warehouse vibes worldwide, ensuring an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts everywhere.

Stream / Download: https://wiseband.lnk.to/2smile-step-in-da-club

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