60 Seconds with… Federico Scavo


60 Seconds with… Federico Scavo

With the Roger Sanchez and Alex Finkin's remixes of 'Live Your Life' with Barbara Tucker currently blowing the pants off clubland and his new single 'Anima' destined to tear Miami apart this year, we say "Salve!" to top Italian producer and Area 94 Records boss Federico Scavo.
Your new single 'Anima' is due for release soon, tell us about what you set out to achieve with the track?

Anima will be released on February 22nd, one day before my birthday. It's a present for myself and all the people that like my music. 
I hope to reach a new audience too as I've made something a little different, combining Tech, House and a Latin chorus.
What else can we look forward to on your Area 94 label this season?
Surprise 😉
You have a residency in Miami, how different is the club scene there compared to Italy?
I play every two months at Wall in Miami, it's one of my favorite clubs in the world.
There are of course some differences from Italian club scene, but the warmth of the audience when I play is the same and this is the most important thing for me.
What part do you most love about your job, writing or performing and why?
I couldn't do one without the other, because I love to create the music with what I feel, but working with people results in making music that everybody likes, so I love it when I end a new project and try it for the first time in a dj set.
How do you see electronic music in Italy going forward?
I don't know how the future will be, bit I hope it will be full of House Music!
How would you describe your first ever DJ set?
My first DJ set was in 1991, some 25 years ago! It was at a private Carnival party with friends, I remember I was so excited to play!
It was on this night that I decided to do this job for the whole of my life,
Where in the world is your favourite place to spin?
The Ministry Of Sound club in London.
What's your favourite piece of studio equipment and why?
100% the speakers, because they let me listen to what I’ve made at high volume J
Whats the best festival you've ever played?
The Ultra Music Festival in Miami.
Who are you favourite labels right now?
AREA 94 Records (my own label), D:vision records, Hotfingers records, Toolroom records and X records.
If you was not a DJ / producer, what would you be?
A racer! I drove karts for years and I won some titles too. I love motors, both cars and motorbikes.
What big shows have you lined up for 2016?

I'm working on some tours round the world and I’m also creating some exclusive parties for here in Italy.

'Anima'' will be released on February 22nd 2016 on Area 94 Records.