60 Seconds with PROSPEKT

60 Seconds with PROSPEKT

We spoke to PROSPEKT, who just released his new EP “Recipe” on Wout Records.


What inspired you in the creation of your new EP “Recipe”? Can you share some insights into the creative process behind the tracks?


I think this EP turned out to be quite interesting, because I can’t say exactly what I was inspired by, although I think I certainly subconsciously had a source of inspiration. I’ve been listening to a lot of melodic techno lately and a lot of the artists have impressed me in terms of production and new sound.


To be honest, I originally wrote the Recipe demo for my friend, but something hooked me on the track and I decided to keep it for myself, ha-ha. I usually start writing a track with a groove, but this time the Recipe started with a breakdown. I found the melody and sound for the main lead and started building the whole track from it.


In Pilgrim, I think I managed to find a very catchy arp (which plays throughout the entire track). I wrote a melody and found a good sound for it. I think that sometimes the right sound is even more important than some complicated melody, that’s the magic of synthesizers. Arp smacks of something mystical and euphoric. I think this is the driving force of the track.


How did the collaboration with Wout Records for this EP come about? What were the highlights of this partnership?


It’s quite simple, I sent an email with my music and they replied to me. To be honest, I’m quite self-critical and it was a surprise to me that I got a reply pretty soon.


I hope that the highlights of our cooperation will be ahead. I know Wout is a great label and most importantly, I like the music they are releasing. It is an honor for me to work together.


The title “Recipe” suggests a mix of musical ingredients. What influences and styles did you aim to combine in this project?


If I try to listen to the tracks as an ordinary listener, and not as a producer, I would notice, for example, that the breakdown in the «Recipe» sounds a little Vangelis-style. Maybe I’ve been listening to a lot of OST from Blade Runner lately. Vangelis is one of the greatest musicians in history, I really like the dystopian atmosphere of his tracks.


And of course I used a lot of stabs, which are so popular in melodic techno now. Something in the Massano style maybe. Such rhythmic and sometimes atonal sounds help to add energy to the track


Do you have a favorite track on the “Recipe” EP? If so, which one and why?


For me it’s 100% «Pilgrim». I don’t know why, but the arpeggio synth just stuck in my head. It gives me some strange feelings, to be honest. I hope the listeners will be hooked on this as well as me


How do you think “Recipe” differs from your previous works? Have there been any changes in your approach to music production?


As for me, there are my most favorite tracks that I have shared with the audience so far on Recipe EP. I’m still a beginner musician in terms of releasing my own music and I think I’ll still need time to find my unique sound. Recipe is definitely a step in the right direction.


In terms of music production, this is definitely a step forward. I’m experimenting, looking for some new sound. It is very important for me to receive feedback from the audience and my YouTube channel where I share my production techniques helps me a lot. I am pleased that people find it interesting, there are already 7k subscribers on the channel, for some it is not so much, but for me it is very important to receive feedback from those who, like me, are fans of dance music


Can you talk about the techniques and tools you used to create the tracks on “Recipe”? Is there any particular equipment that played a crucial role?


I create absolutely everything in Fl Studio, I don’t use hardware synths. I use a lot of third-party plugins, especially synthesizers like Serum, Diva etc. These are very useful things that any producer uses.


In the end, music is written by a person, not by equipment. A professional in their field can make a masterpiece with a minimum set of equipment, it’s all a matter of skills and musical taste.


Speaking of my workflow, when I sit down to write music, I actually have already written it in my head. I can sing a melody, I can imagine an arrangement, but when I transfer it to my DAW, sometimes surprises happen and the track turns out to be completely different from what I expected. Therefore, it is always a kind of experiment


What are your future plans following the release of “Recipe”? Are there any other collaborations or live performances your fans can look forward to?


I will continue to make videos for my YouTube channel. There are plans to record a DJ set in nature, I think it should be cool. There is a lot of material that I showed on my streams and many commented that I definitely should release it.

There are a lot of plans and I hope I can surprise my fans with something interesting.




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