60 Seconds with… Robbie Craig


60 Seconds with… Robbie Craig

Home-grown success story, Robbie Craig is behind one of the biggest garage anthems of all time ‘Women Trouble’, which earned him an Ivor Novello award winner for Best Song, a Dance Star Award also for Best Song and was also included on the triple-platinum selling soundtrack to the highest grossing British film in history, “Bridget Jones’s Diary“. He has worked with  artists such as Craig David, Artful Dodger, Go West, Conner Reeves,  Jamiroquai’s Richard Drummie, Stuart Zender and Toby Smith and Victoria Beckham and has notched up original garage classics such as “Special” and ‘Who’s The Better Man’ with Gerideau. 

Ihouseu.com catches up with him ahead of his Live show at the Back To 95 14th Birthday on Saturday March 7th alongside DJs Todd Edwards, Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont, Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross, Hermit and many more.

One of the original old skool artist,  re you looking forward to performing at the Back To 95 14th Birthday Special on Saturday March 7th and why? And what can the 95 party people expect from your set?

These old school gigs are soooo good for original garage artists! We started the scene off and to be there in front of the crowd doing this 20 years later is such a buzz – 🙂 Things have moved on but real ravers always want the pioneers that started it all on stage, so I’m very honoured to be asked to perform at the Back To 95 14th Birthday Special.

What does the next few months look like for you and will you have any exclusive new tracks to perform at back to 95’s 14th birthday?

Lol 🙂 I’m always asked to perform my classics so that’s what they’re getting. 

Is there anyone you are looking forward to catching at the 95 14th birthday and why?

Basically the whole garage scene from the 90s is going to be there and we’re all mates so it’s going to be one big reunion and can’t wait to catch up with the whole gang.

You are responsible for one of the biggest dance anthems ‘Women Trouble’, which earned you an Ivor Novello award winner for best song and was included on the triple-platinum selling soundtrack to the highest grossing British film in history, “Bridget Jones’s Diary“. There’s also the original classics such as “Special”, ‘Who’s The Better Man’ with Gerideau, ‘We Can Make It Happen’ and “Lessons In love” and do you have your own personal fave and why?

I think ‘We Can Make It Happen’ as that was the first big garage hit around 92. I performed it at the Gass Club at the start of the garage scene.. amazing times.

What are your particular unforgettable and proudest moments/highlights of your music career and please tell us why are they so special?

My Ivor Novello award that I won for ‘Women Trouble’ where I got to meet my idol, Stevie Wonder.. what a day!

How and when were you first infected by dance music? and what was your first entree into it? 

I met a chap called Jimmy Lowe and what more can I say – Public Demand Records could do no wrong and they notched up hit after hit. They were the strongest garage label of the time and also the most credible.

What was your first break and first big record and did it set you on your path?

‘Women Trouble” opened a lot of doors for me and set my on my path. I’m able to work with big artists now and basically enjoy my career

What is your earliest musical memory that springs to mind, and then how did you get into singing?

My parents were a cabaret band and from the age of 8 I was their drummer. I used to get up and sing for half hour and the highlight was me singing ‘Ben’ by Michael Jackson – lol 🙂

Who are some of the people you have enjoyed working with in the music business and why? Is there one that has stood out the most or as a favourite experience?   

To be honest I’ve worked with so many great artists including Conner Reeves, Craig David, Artful Dodger, The Next Room, Go West,  Richard Drummie, Stuart Zender and Toby Smith from Jamiroquai, Hamish Stuart, Victoria Beckham and many more.

What’s the driving force behind your singing career and what still drives you? And how would you describe your vocal style? 

I just wanna sound different from other singers. My own style is a technique.

Throughout your music journey what has been your biggest challenge? 

I now front East 17 so I suppose this is! It’s going really well and things are getting extremely busy.

Who is the most inspirational and influential person in your life and why? 

My parents. They’re seriously good musicians so I would have to say that.

So after over 10 years, what does the future hold for you? 

The same I hope

And before you leave us, can you tell us something you think we should all be listening to before we head out the door to  the back to 95 14th birthday party? 

I’m working on some new stuff with Rich and Bobby from The Next Room outside of the East 17 stuff so there’s lots of big things to come

Finally is there anything fun or wacky or that we don’t know about you such as something that you really enjoy or collect, hobbies, interests, other work etc?  

Nope you all know I’m mad..lol:-)

Robbie Craig headlines with a Live show at the Back To 95 14th Birthday Party alongside Todd Edwards, Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont Mikee B (Dreem Team), Norris ‘The Boss’ Windross, Ramsey & Fen, Hermit & Daniel Ward on Saturday March 7th at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. With additional Live Performances from Lifford & Denise Babe Fantastic + 3 more rooms including Jungle/Dn’B with Ratpack, Uncle Dugs, Nicky Blackmarket etc, HouseFM.net and classic 90’s soul n R’n B, check for latest updates and mixes at www.backto95.com