8 Must See Dutch Acts at Reeperbahn Festival


8 Must See Dutch Acts at Reeperbahn Festival

The Dutch Impact showcase will return to Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, bringing you the best in up and coming artists from the Lowlands.

More info on all the acts performing at Reeperbahn Festival here: http://www.dutch-impact.nl/category/festivals/reeperbahn

Dutch Bands are really starting to make their mark on the German music market with Taymir and John Coffey have extensive tour dates across the country in 2015 after standing out at last years showcase event. DeWolff have also toured Germany extensively in 2013 and 2014, Birth of Joy have several festival shows in Germany this year and Kensington are currently touring with Revolverheld. So don’t miss out and see who will be the future stars of tomorrow.

More info on set times and running order coming soon.

Venue Address: Molotow MusikClub, Nobistor 14, Hamburg

RSVP: Please RSVP to [email protected]

About the Bands!!

The founding of Bazzookas (2009) is best to compared with the discovery of gunpowder. The bang coming from that is like the ska of Bazzookas; magical, explosive and epic! Bazzookas break out, impatient and eager, they do it 8 men strong, they make the crowd and themselves go crazy. It is the energy that comes from the heart and soul of the band. Sparks are flying. It does not matter if one is male / female, young / old, beautiful / ugly, dog / cat, big / small, French, Belgian, German or Dutch, everyone starts dancing to the music! They arrive at the gig in a yellow American schoolbus, unpack, set up, and go all out. On a stage or on the roof of the bus; GO! 300 some gigs later, crowds still get blown away by the energy that Bazzookas throw at them.

Band website: http://bazzookas.com/

The average person to the landslubber is like the Janmaat to the seamen: the ordinary sailor. Ideal standard. But Mathias Janmaat, singer of Bombay from Den Haag is miles away from this everyman. His voice is bolshie enough for London 1977 and yet so melodic, especially while interacting with drummer Linda van Leeuwen, who delivers the bright opposite tunes. In 2012, these two recorded their first album called “Vulture/Provider”, then under the name Bombay Show Pig and showed a great balance between the lo-fi rumbling of the early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the vigorous rock duo like Blood Red Shoes. Now, they cut back a little where it was necessary (like the band’s name) so they could add something somewhere else: bass player Gijs Loots turns the duo into a power trio and creates the powerful foundation for the Dutchmen. And since especially those intense live performances have brought Bombay over the borders of their home to the leaflets, there is a lot to be expected for the Reeperbahn Festival. Everything except the average.

Band website: http://www.bombaybombaybombay.com

Although he sometimes describes himself as a bit of a loner, you can expect Dotan to bring a full, six-piece live band on tour. On stage his songs take on different lives, as festival-sized crowds can already testify. In the hands of his bandmates the compositions he so carefully shaped himself, suddenly acquire a new dynamic. Far from having a fixed set-up, the musicians switch instruments and take turns vocalising. “Rather than having a traditional band with prearranged tasks we just go out and play music together. Again, it’s all about leaving your comfort zone.” Which is exactly what Dotan does best.

Band website: http://www.dotanmusic.com

Despite being only 24, Dutchman Jordy Saämena has already achieved and accomplished many things. In 2012 the musician and producer began studying Electronic Music at The Conservatory in Haarlem and soon became infatuated with bass. This is no surprise given Jordy s Moluccan heritage, a culture that is known for laying down exciting rhythms on traditional local drum, the Tifa. It was at this moment that he dreamt up new moniker GANZ and began crafting the creations we hear today.

Band website: http://iamganz.com/

Half Way Station
Half Way Station is pure chemistry on stage: They roll electric guitar and psychedelic synth-drones into their own recognisable style. On top of that lies the intense voice of their lead singer Elma Plaisier.

Band website: http://halfwaystation.com/

My Baby
After years of performing and recording several albums with The Souldiers, the Dutch – New Zealand ensemble, embarked on a new journey and formed My Baby in 2012. Working their magic in the studio in Amsterdam to release Loves Voodoo! in 2013, My Baby went on to develop a name for themselves worldwide with their unrelenting voodoo trance experience combining folk and blues roots of the deep South and out- and-out funk and dance. In April they will be supporting Seasick Steve on his UK tour.

Band website www.mybabywashere.com

Tim Vantol
Singer-songwriter Tim Vantol has been a sought-after guest on small and large stages for a number of years as a popular support act for Chuck Ragan. He shares his innermost feelings at festivals as well as on basement concerts, on his releases he cultivates his ambivalent relation to a musician’s life on the road as a symbol of freedom, but also of loneliness and deprivation. On his 2010 debut “Road Sweet Road” the Dutchman achieved a first swimming badge in the densely populated sea of acoustic artists with raspy voice at a start. With his new album “If We Go Down, We’ll Go Together” however, he reaches for the golden swimming badge – which is well deserved.

Band website: http://www.timvantol.com

Weval is a collaboration between two pals from the Netherlands – Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers. Both Harm and Merijn got their start in the film industry, which is where they met in 2010. When they found out they shared the same love for creating electronic music, they decided to team up. When the operators of the Cologne label first heard a track by Weval, they were immediately taken by storm and published the music of the Dutch duo. Weval manages to bring a good balance between vocals and the different guitar -, synth – and drums samples.

Band website: https://www.facebook.com/wevalmusic/info?tab=page_info