A Statement Of Intent From KAIS

A Statement Of Intent From KAIS

New to our radar at IhouseU is Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer KAIS.  His music explores the complexities of the human condition and channels this into a melting pot of indie, psychedelic rock.

His new single Abduction continues to profoundly explore music that challenges society’s constricting constructs that inhibit actualisation.

Talking about the single KAIS mentions,

“Abduction is a song about the incapacity that comes with being afraid of being seen by the other in a relationship, leaving whole landscapes within either soul undiscovered, unlived, ‘abducted’ by fear. It stresses the importance of taking things slow to better visualise your bearings and move through challenges from a place of heart, love.”

Opening up with a beautiful piano lead line which resonates towards a thriving beat which makes listeners hold on to every movement and we LOVE it!

This feels like a real statement of intent from KAIS and we look forward to seeing where he takes this next.

Tune in below!



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