Fernando Lagreca - A Thousand Years EP


Fernando Lagreca - A Thousand Years EP

Fernando Lagreca – “I want to sling a stone, a small rock into a pool, see it ripple. I want to shake a tree, create a small storm…” SD

 As announced just a few months ago, the journey started with the EP 'Imperfections Side' in which Fernando delves into his alibi of imperfections and proposes a closure at the level of the first delivery. Again in EP format, and in 10 "vinyl, the second release of his brand new label, Beautiful Accident presents a tour of analogue sonorities, hedonistic rhythms and arpeggios, and intricate and timid acid bass lines that round out a cosmic piece of work, marking the line that the label will follow in its next releases.

Conformed exclusively for electronic artists that are characterized by performing their tracks live. It is precisely in his live performances, where Lagreca has taken to it like a fish in water, with his set-up in the mid-way between analogue and digital, and a large dose of improvisation and track management, which undoubtedly have consolidated him in the first part of this 2017 as one of the most interesting live acts on the national scene. He closes the year with 'A Thousand Years' , with his live performances in unbeatable form and the label in increasing artistic progression.

The Tracks…
The A-side of the vinyl presents a forceful intro, with layers of arpeggios and a particular rhythmic vision in which he combines polychrome and classical 4 x 4 together with more sounds close to R & B, 'World' , a piece that every listen finds us, like the own world, new things.

Following the path we find 'Someone', a song sung with clear allusion to encounters and disagreements, in a pop and deep house key where the pads and arpeggios aren’t missing, they carry the track and the vocals make you think of an optimistic vision, although with a background that is perceived as a game of fate.

Moving on to the B-side implies a return to submerge into a world plagued with sequences that slide around labyrinth structures, the concentric circles we notice when we throw a stone into the lake 'A Thousand Years' gives a glimpse of all that and more, it’s a track with weight, with the soul of a dance floor, of a remix, of being danced to.

Closing the EP, Lagreca delivers 'Asking You' , a question mark in the form of acid bass and crossed arpeggios that alert us to the unknown, to the past that shapes the future, and to the fragile and imperfect we usually are.