A Tribute To NYC – Jafar Curry Presents his newest offering ‘New York Girl’

A Tribute To NYC – Jafar Curry Presents his newest offering ‘New York Girl’

Jafar Curry presents a groundbreaking new sound with a creative and genre bending new single ‘New York Girl’ (Feb. 14th 2024). ‘New York Girl’ is the first song from his forthcoming album ‘The Pink Sessions’. Empowered with magnetic instrumentation that compliments a smooth and magnetic vocal performance, this single features some of the most interesting musical elements by combining Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Pop into a fitting tribute to New York City. It is truly a combination of the old and new NYC.

Jafar Curry has spent the last 2 years since the critically lauded ‘The Tuxedo Bartender’ released, writing new music. He produced new songs while traveling through Asia, Latin America and Europe, performing behind a baby grand piano on cabaret stages and absolutely leaving his audiences awe-struck.

Speaking about the new release Jafar Curry says “This new single ‘New York Girl’ is one of those songs that just found me. The inspiration is really an amolgamation of people and experiences I’ve shared my life with over the last two decades. It’s about a girl, many girls, but it’s more about life, life’s changes and our aspirational existence. I can show you better than I can tell you.”

Look for Jafar Curry’s new single ‘New York Girl’ to hit all major platforms and select retail stores February 14th 2024.

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