Dangerouz - Accomplice


Dangerouz - Accomplice

American artist Dangerouz sets the scene for 2016 with the release of his highly anticipated track ‘Accomplice’. Out on the 1st of February, 2016, exclusively on Beatport, ‘Accomplice’ is sure to kick-start what will be a big year ahead for Dangerouz.

Jesse Garza, the talent behind the Dangerouz moniker has been catching the eyes of many A-list labels thanks to his Beatport ‘Top 100 Electro House’ hit ‘Dynasty’ and other notable tracks like: ‘Kingpin’, ‘Police Raid’, ‘Evolve’ and ‘Brenessy’. The studio wizard is also no stranger to the clubs, having landed opening spots for legendary names like Alex Peace, it’s no wonder the in-demand artist has been tipped to rise to the top.

Dangerouz’s ‘Accomplice’ sets the scene with a simple drumbeat before an electrifying synth signals the rise of the track, grabbing the listener’s attention. Following the build up, Dangerouz drops a filthy Electro bass-line and powerful kicks that are sure to send any club into a state of frenzy. The Electro-style synth returns for the breakdown, accompanied by another drum arrangement, before the track builds momentum once again. Dangerouz leaves the listener in anticipation before unleashing a mammoth energetic drop, demonstrating the artist’s unique production talents. The single ends with another rising synth, preparing the audience for what comes next.

Highly acclaimed label Grimey Grooves was quick to sign ‘Accomplice’ for release on their emerging sub-label Lotus Mathematics. The established label has been at the forefront of the scene for a number of years now and their new sub-label has already seen artists such as: Erik Ev_L, Tantric Decks, Hunter Reed and SynEater join its roster. 2016 is certainly going to see Dangerouz climb the Dance music ladder in a rapid fashion, with more enticing releases on the way.

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