"After 100 edited releases, almost 10 years of work and a huge amount of crazy nights, it's hard to remember how we approached the idea of creating Alma Soul Music or what the hell we thought of to get into the crazy world of record labels". With this, Alma Soul Music's creators start their farewell honouring that joker and innovative character that characterizes them.

Solemnity? Impostures? For what? "The truth is that now we are multi-millionaires, we have hundreds of houses, cars and wifes, and all of this thanks to the music market" they add. "Now we can retire in peace, that's why this is our last release".

Alma Trio, project created by the three label's responsibles: Javier Varez, Alex Sosa and D Low, is in charge of singning this iconic release titled "Adiós Muy Buenas". Iconic because it's thenumber 100, because it puts a stop to Alma Soul Music's trajectory and also because it shows us an unknown side of the label. Emotional, nostalgic, with hidden surprises and a style that moves away from the habitual House sounds to penetrate into more experimental electronic lands close to IDM. We can find "Our Friends Are Our Country" in the tracklist, probably their best track in every possible sense because as they say that's the only thing the've made clear during this long journey, and the thing is, does anyone need anything more than that?

So, and stealing once more their words: Long live the friends of our "soul".