Aemilian, Basti M and Blaikz releasing new VIP Mix of “For You”

Aemilian, Basti M and Blaikz releasing new VIP Mix of “For You”

With a combined total of more than 26 million streams across all platforms Basti M and Blaikz really have made a name for themselves! Just recently they created a stir with their first-ever collaboration on a single, “Redemption”.

Aemilian, on the other hand, is still a mysterious young artist whose identity remains unknown. We don’t know when (or even if) it will be revealed, but one thing is for sure: there is great talent behind this cute drawn character!

“I always wanted to do a track with Aemilian and this was just the perfect topline.” — Basti M

“What I love is being in the studio, preferably alone. But when Basti M and Blaikz reached out to me, I knew right away that this is a project I want to be part of!” — Aemilian

That infectious beat and the distinct 80s vibe of “For You” will cast a spell over everyone! It is of course a modern Dance Pop tune coming with a catchy hook, but with just the right amount of old-school charm. The 1980s saw the emergence of electronic music and is inspiring Pop and Dance productions once again! With the rising popularity of this kind of crossover style, there is no doubt you will hear even more of it on your favourite radio station soon.

To give the release the ability to appeal in a live performance setting, Aemilian, Basti M and Blaikz came up with a driving VIP Mix that will satisfy all the house heads around the world!



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