Aldon Rø’s Sonic Odyssey: From Dutch House Influences to Techno Mastery

Aldon Rø’s Sonic Odyssey: From Dutch House Influences to Techno Mastery

Aldon’s journey with music kicked off around the age of 12/13. Blame it on Afrojack and his killer tracks like ‘Bangduck’ and ‘No Beef’ in the Dutch House genre. Back then, Aldon thought, “Hey, making music seems pretty doable, just a kick and a bleep.” Little did he know, this laid-back idea planted the seeds for a passionate and reflective musical career.

Fast forward to today, and Aldon’s all about that Techno life. His playlist is a melting pot of influences, from Sara Landry, Reinier Zonneveld to OGUZ, Raxeller, Alignment, and the queen herself, Charlotte de Witte. For Aldon, music is more than just beats and sounds. It’s about creating enduring memories. He dreams of you stumbling upon one of his tracks years later, triggering a wave of nostalgia and a fond “Remember that?” moment. It’s all about the emotional impact, and Aldon is on a mission to make memories resonate through his tunes.

Aldon just dropped his debut single, ‘Alive,’ via NoFace Records. This Techno track is more than just music; it’s a journey through meticulous craftsmanship and emotional depth. Listen here:

‘Alive’ is just the beginning. Aldon has a ton of new music in the works, each designed to capture the essence of unforgettable moments and hype the dancefloor. Stay tuned for surprises, new releases, and the dynamic evolution of Aldon Rø’s musical pursuits.



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