Alt-rap duo Mod10 share powerful anthem ‘Black Canvas’

Alt-rap duo Mod10 share powerful anthem ‘Black Canvas’

Constantly evolving with each release, the iconic two-piece combine sounds of rap, hip-hop, trap and pop to create their signature sound. Exploring themes of self discovery, social situations and larger mysteries about humans and the universe, Mod10 are as real as it gets. Consisting of Matt Kohn on lyrics and vocals, and Sam Carlen on production, the sensational rap track flows freely with confidence and individuality. 

Speaking about their thoughts on the instant classic, Mod10 state, “It’s about making your inner vision come to life and the various paths that can lead you there. Prioritizing money, fame, health, happiness, friends, family, in one big balancing act… if I live what I’m dreaming, that means I sleep while I’m standing.”

Constantly bringing something new to the table with each release, Mod10 are at their strongest in ‘Blank Canvas’. Short but definitely sweet, the under 2 and a half minute long track is a vital asset to the duo’s ever-growing discography. Rolling off the tongue perfectly, the track sounds like the lovechild of Kendrick Lamar and Marshmello. 



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