Altered Concept Debuts on Yamatai with his ‘Menace’ EP

Altered Concept Debuts on Yamatai with his ‘Menace’ EP


Formally known as LDT but having recently changed alias, Altered Concept is an artist currently not well known but after his ‘Menace EP’ lands, his drum & bass career is sure to be elevated. He is a producer who not only strives for perfection within his track writing but one who also has an amazing ear for the groove in his tracks. This three track EP is the very definition of underground drum & bass, and Yamatai is honored to be one of the first labels to represent him.

The Guildford-based producer has been working incredibly hard on his craft with the help of close friends Able, Gingy P, and Simula to reach the production standard that he has achieved to date. With heavy inspiration from the likes of MolecularIll TruthAble, and DLR listeners can already tell what direction this EP will follow and what Altered Concept will be bringing to the table in a saturated market.

Utilizing clean and crisp drums and addictive basses, Altered Concept has engineered this EP using the knowledge gained on track writing and production techniques from some of the best artists in the scene.

Kicking things off, you’re introduced to title-track ‘Menace’. A combination of fresh groovy drums, joyful atmospherics and a mean bassline, they all have a part in making this selection. ‘Menace‘ is surely going to be a fan favourite with an ever-evolving bassline keeping its audience on their toes in anticipation for the next change, alongside its clever use of track writing which enables the record to be unique and rolling. Altered Concept uses atmospheric pads which have an addictive melody, meanwhile it’s clear that the producer’s love of hip-hop and experimenting with other genres has a direct influence on the EP. Especially through the vocal samples used, with the other atmospheric hits really standing out and showing where he derives his inspiration from.

Focus’ starts us off with a deep eerie introduction, with its reverbed atmosphere hits adding to this feeling which is eventually followed by a deep bass hit that leads into a powerful sub bass teaser. Altered Concept has utilised pan effectively in this track, which can be noticed through the percussions which provide another level of depth. The deep rolling sub bass oscillates through your ears, and the addition of the FX hits with the sub adds a level of variation and uniqueness to this cut too. It’s another masterclass from the Guilford based producer, nothing shy of production elegance.

‘Read Between The Lines’ is where Altered Concept really mixes genres. It’s a pure example of his creativity with production, a very catchy, clear vocal introduces you to this track and gives the listener an energetic boost primed for the drop. It’s an immersive preface as it gears up the dancefloors alongside vocals with a drop that isn’t shy of anything but immaculate track writing. Meanwhile clean booming drum work makes this track stand out followed by the groovy, versatile bassline which certifies ‘Read Between The Lines’ as a clear playlist add for all DJ’S. It’s a great representation of the style he’s been working towards, debuted through this brand-new EP which has just dropped on Yamatai Records.



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