Andy Düx works together with Oliver Bach to provide “Don’t Love EP”

Andy Düx works together with Oliver Bach to provide “Don’t Love EP”

After Andy Düx last release Sonic EP with Eric Sneo on Agile Recordings, he worked together with Oliver Bach on the massive Don’t Love EP.

Both reside in Mainz, the two have been on fire for some time now and their Don’t Love EP is a perfect representation of their approach and sound that is winning dancers the world over.

Andy Düx is a veteran of the German scene who has been instrumental in growing the clubbing ethos in his local area of Mainz, where he also owns a record shop called Overdrive Entertainment.

Kicking things off is the title track Don’t Love with infectious percussion, hefty drums and an absolutely unforgettable lead melody that will, without any doubt, create full on dance floor mayhem.

Next up, Oliver Bach’s standout remix of the original, with a rapid fire heavy bassdrum line and climatic drops for added peak time prowess.

Track tree Heaven push with a subby kick drum. The minimalist lead synth and the build up with a 303 acid-line resulting in a simple yet highly effective sonic excursion.

And don’t forget, Don’t Love it’s also a perfect peak time track for every Halloween set.



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