Anya Nami ‘Dirty Dream’ – out now!

Anya Nami ‘Dirty Dream’ – out now!


Renowned for her infectious songs that have drawn millions of listeners worldwide in such a short period of time, Anya Nami returns with her new single ‘Dirty Dream’.


Her affection for older guys and potential worries about her father are shown in the upbeat and happy song ‘Dirty Dream’. This, and the ex-lover’s fondness for Mads Mikkelsen, August Diehl, David Tennant, and other popular actors and musicians provided inspiration for the song.


Anya Nami’s vocals on the pop tune are fantastic, and it has synths, strings, piano, and percussion. Her distinct tone will grab the listener’s attention from the very first note over the powerful production. With her clever, caustic work, she draws attention to herself as a musician and demands the respect of music enthusiasts everywhere in between.


From the first note of ‘Dirty Dream’, fans will fall in love, and they should look forward to more releases from Anya Nami as she is poised to keep growing as a music artist.



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