Apashe Releases 28-Track ‘Renaissance’ Remix LP, Out Now ON Kannibalen Records

Apashe Releases 28-Track ‘Renaissance’ Remix LP, Out Now ON Kannibalen Records

Apashe has returned with his highly-anticipated 28-track Renaissance remix album, featuring reworks from industry heavyweights including Two Fingers (Amon Tobin), Kai WachiVanicRiot TenQrion, and Matroda, to name a few. Celebrating nearly 40 million streams on the project, the new LP directly follows the recent batch of ‘Distance’ and ‘Insane’ remix EPs and is out now on Kannibalen Records, available to listen to across all streaming platforms.



The ‘Distance’ remixes feature exciting reworks from VolacKOAN SoundBuunshinMacky Gee, and Pushing Daizies, all of which introduce new aspects to the tune that truly make it stand out from its source material. Kai WachiBIJOUVarien, and BILLYTHEKID also lend their unique signature sound to the ‘Insane’ remixes, with each possessing powerfully commanding, newfound sonic tones.



The full Renaissance LP kicks off with a magnificently executed two-minute piano rendition of ‘Overture’, performed by renowned composer and member of Canadian indie pop band Half Moon Run. The ‘Distance’ remixes take the reins next, and are followed by several reworks of ‘Behind My Eyes’ from Vanic and Clockvice. Established New Westminster-based talent Vanic transforms the tune into a heavy-hitting romp, re-configuring it into a glitchy, sonically discordant masterpiece, that works perfectly in conjunction with the flowing vocal cut. The U.K.’s Clockvice maintains much of the same high-octane energy, but instead opts for a slower, more cinematic approach that, at first, takes its time to settle in before audibly unleashing in full-force.


Oklahoma City native TYNAN’s reinterpretation of ‘Lord & Master’ features an onslaught of hefty, in-your-face bass, as well as a propelling drum-and-bass beat that effortlessly drives the listener throughout its nearly three-and-a-half-minute runtime. DJ/production trio Gentlemens Club offer a groovy take on it, replete with infectious four-on-the-floor bass house from start to finish. German creative force Marten Hørger’s version of ‘Dead’ keeps the same fun tone as its predecessor, prominently featuring warbly basslines and an exhilaratingly enticing melody.



Next on the LP is the VIP remix of ‘Uebok’, a drum and bass opus that lends itself well to Instasamka’s propulsively driving vocals, along with a unique music video edit featuring animated bears. Two Fingers, also widely known as Amon Tobin, provides a ruthlessly fierce rendition of ‘Uebok’, setting forth a sonically intense endeavor rife with an energy that doesn’t let up. Chilean producer, YMIR’s rework takes its time in building a palpably raw tension and finishes with a heady conclusion that boasts chopped, glitchy dubstep production elements alongside a hushed, mellow vocal cut. Russian drum and bass collective Russian Jump Up Mafia round out the ‘Uebok’ remixes in a wholly new manner than any of the rest, instead infusing the track with a driving drum and bass beat that pairs flawlessly with the equally energetic Instasamka.


Croatian powerhouse Matroda follows with his take on ‘Good News’, turning the brooding original source material into a certified tech house rinser. INHUMAN switches things up with his ‘Good News’ rework, imbuing the track with heavy basslines and an intoxicating sonic profundity. Lastly, Montreal-based Timour Leng finishes off the batch of ‘Good News’ remixes on the LP, placing a central focus on atmospherically cerebral bass.


The ‘Insane’ reworks are next and are followed by a ‘Work’ rework courtesy of SWARM. The Florida-based producer’s take on the tune champions an extremely powerful tone and is full of intense, heavy dubstep throughout its entirety. The Netherlands’ IMANU crafts a captivatingly propelling ambiance with his take on ‘I’m Fine’. Canadian DJ/producer Overwerk maintains this atmospheric edge, lending the tune a more subdued energy overall. Enigmatic musician KLOUD’s ‘Legend’ remix features hefty, glitchy dubstep, pairing well with Wasiu’s vocal. El Paso-based dubstep stalwart Riot Ten completely upends ‘Green Crack’, turning it into a certified dubstep heater and sonic neck breaker.


Lastly, Japanese talent Qrion rounds out the 28-track release with a light-hearted electronic rework of ‘Rain’, providing a contemplatively soothing four-minute offering to end the Renaissance remix LP.


Apashe has had quite the year, with his 13-track Renaissance album and its recent live-streamed visual component for League of Legends mid-season celebrations, Renaissance Live, serving as key milestones. Other noteworthy pivotal points worth highlighting include his performance at the Toboggan Festival at Jacques-Cartier National Park last December, as well as his featured Mozart remix in Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon trailer. In all, fans and listeners can look forward to even more from Apashe moving into 2021 and beyond.


Renaissance Remix LP Tracklist:
1. Overture (Dylan Phillips Cover)
2. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Volac Remix)
3. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (KOAN Sound Remix)
4. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Buunshin Remix)
5. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Macky Gee Remix)
6. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) (Pushing Daizies Remix)
7. Behind My Eyes (feat. LIA) (Vanic Remix)
8. Behind My Eyes (feat. LIA) (Clockvice Remix)
9. Lord & Master (TYNAN Remix)
10. Lord & Master (Gentlemens Club Remix)
11. Dead (feat. Yizzy) (Marten Hørger Remix)
12. Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (VIP)
13. Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (Two Fingers Remix)
14. Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (YMIR Remix)
15. Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (Russian Jump Up Mafia)
16. Good News (Matroda Remix)
17. Good News (INHUMAN Remix)
18. Good News (Timour Leng Remix)
19. Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) (Kai Wachi Remix)
20. Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) (BIJOU Remix)
21. Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) (Varien Remix)
22. Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) (BILLYTHEKID Remix)
23. Work (feat. Vo Williams) (SWARM Remix)
24. I’m Fine (feat. Cherry Lena) (IMANU Remix)
25. I’m Fine (feat. Cherry Lena) (OVERWERK Remix)
26. Legend (feat. Wasiu) (KLOUD Remix)
27. Green Crack (feat. Wifisfuneral) (Riot Ten Remix)
28. Rain (feat. kroy) (Qrion Remix)



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