Artists Addictive TV launch their ‘Orchestra of Samples’ UK tour + remix initiative


Artists Addictive TV launch their ‘Orchestra of Samples’ UK tour + remix initiative

Following the 2017 release of their album ‘Orchestra of Samples’, electronic duo Addictive TV hit the road again with a series of concerts across the UK, also announcing they’re making samples available from the project as free downloads to encourage producers to create their own remixes.

‘Orchestra of Samples’ itself is perfect for the art of remixing, a unique project which has seenGraham Daniels and Mark Vidler film over 200 recording sessions with musicians around the world. All these musicians, who never met, have been sampled and ingeniously combined to create new music of extraordinary fusions, a celebratory mosaic of genuine conversations between different musics of the world.

The project features many top musicians in their field and documents a range of unusual localised instruments. Everything from the two-stringed dombyra of Kazakhstan to recycled car exhaust pipes in Brazil used as percussion, even a French bagpipe called a Boudègue made entirely from a goat! The incredible diversity of sounds and instruments is quite mind bending, yet it’s the inclusive nature of this enormous project that shines through.  Artists, including OBE-awarded sitar player Baluji Shrivastav, Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier and Senegalese rap-star Matador all make their mark in this incredibly diverse project.

Daniels explains, “We began Orchestra of Samples with no preconceptions, just a curiosity to explore musical possibilities with the pop-up recording sessions being organised whenever we could.  It’s about bringing people together, and creating something that you didn’t know you could, and so now we want to give away samples for people to try their hand at it too”.

Daniels and Vidler (aka mashup king Go Home Productions) have been at the forefront of audio and video remixing for nearly two decades and because of their visual element, Addictive TV were alsotwice voted Number One VJ in the world alongside the Top 100 DJs in DJ Mag.  The duo were also the first artists sanctioned by a Hollywood studio to audiovisually remix a film back in 2006, with the Antonio Banderas movie Take The Lead.

‘Orchestra of Samples’ is a uniquely vast undertaking which grew out of their much-lauded live audiovisual shows and the guys have now recorded in over 30 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Senegal, China, Kazakhstan, The Philippines, across Europe and even Bhutan in the Himalayas! A truly is a musical journey without borders!


Saturday 14th May                            Splice Festival, London

Thursday 31st May                           The Poly Arts Centre, Falmouth

Sunday 10th June                              Capitol Theatre, Horsham

Saturday 30th June                           Harwich Festival of the Arts

Friday 13th July                                   Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

Monday 23rd July                              Milton Keynes International Festival

Friday 27th July                                   PPL, Preston

Saturday 28th July                             Storyhouse, Chester

Wednesday 26th September       The Junction, Cambridge

Thursday 4th October                      Constellations, Liverpool

Friday 19th October                          Phoenix Theatre, Bordon

Saturday 17th November               The Crescent, Belfast

More dates TBC. This tour is made possible with the kind support of Arts Council of England.

More info about Addictive TV’s remix initiative: