Fathers - Arum EP


Fathers - Arum EP

Stem Records is back this October with the ‘Arum’ EP, coming courtesy of Fathers and backed with Primal and VII Circle remixes.

South of France based artists Jeremy Labille and Pieree Matelli aka Fathers are a rising duo on the Techno scene taking influence from the German and European rhythmically stripped-back and melodically intricate sound. With this in mind it’s no surprise to see them introduced to the Stem Records roster, a label home to material from Legowelt, Lake People, Winter Son and DAMH.

Kicking off the EP is title cut ‘Arum’ which sees the pair deliver an ethereal slice of deep techno utilizing slow blooming bass drones, expansive atmospherics and lo-fi rhythms. Denmark’s Primal steps up to rework ‘Arum’ next, bringing a tougher edge to things with crunchy drums, pulsating sub tones and subtly unfolding arpeggios.

Entering the latter half of the package Fathers deliver ‘Iris’, which takes on a brighter, more melodious feel with drawn out bass drones, dreamy pad lines and jingling harmonies, VIII Circle then rework ‘Iris’ to follow, stripping back the rhythmic aspects to a raw, low-slung feel which bringing a menacing bass hook and hypnotic synth swirls into the limelight. Then lastly to round off the EP Fathers turn in their third and final original entitled ‘Callis’ which employs bumpy drums, soft chords progressions and bubbling synth sequences to shape up the package beautifully.

Fathers’ ‘Arum’ EP is out on Stem Records 23rd October 2015.

1. Arum
2. Arum (Primal Remix)
3. Iris
4. Iris (VII Circle Remix)
5. Callis