Award-Winning Producer Luminist unleashes Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) LP

Award-Winning Producer Luminist unleashes Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) LP

Award-winning producer and video game music composer Luminist released his new album Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) on the 27th of January via Infinite Hex. The Wildboy Studios’ game Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree was first released in 2019 alongside the launch of Apple Arcade. Later that year,  Luminist won a New Zealand Game Award in the Excellence in Audio category for the soundtracks he produced, one of which was featured in the release date trailer for Atone on PlayStation’s official Youtube channel. Delivered under the publisher Untold Tales, the game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and PS4.

The producer first made a splash in the gaming space with his analog remakes of the 1986 video game Metroid’s official music, gaining attention from the leading gaming publication GameSpot as well as Killscreen. In 2022, he released a remix album titled Metroid Resynthesized, which was pressed on vinyl by the US label One Run Records. The first 300 copies sold out in 10 minutes, making it somewhat of a collector’s item for fans of the game. His music has also appeared on the popular Youtube channel Summoning Salt and accumulated approximately 3 million streams across platforms.

Born and based in Sydney, Australia James Shuar, better known as Luminist, got his start in the music business as an advertising jingle writer in London during his 20s. Having spent between 5 and 6 years as a chorister in the St Andrew’s Cathedral Choir in Sydney during his childhood, Shuar imbues his productions with the harmonic structures present in church music. The producer went on to release two original EPs, namely Simulations and Infinity Mirrors. In addition, he scored the 2017 animated short Jumpy and released his single ‘Plastic Sea’ under Mechanical Records in 2021. He draws inspiration from Rival Consoles, Steve Reich, and Jon Hopkins.

Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) LP Tracklist:

  1. Determination
  2. Emergence
  3. Red Celebration
  4. Learning to Fight
  5. As the Village Sleeps
  6. Waking Nightmare
  7. Goodbye, My Light
  8. The Cloaked Figure
  9. A Warrior’s Last Breath
  10. Morning Whispers
  11. Resting Place
  12. Nothing Ever Happens Here
  13. Cold Blooded
  14. Her Journey Begins
  15. The Deathly Shore
  16. Winding Paths
  17. Serpent’s Kiss
  18. Ruination
  19. Deathwalker
  20. Out of the Dark
  21. Serpent’s Fang
  22. Cascades
  23. Brother in Arms
  24. A Horrible Secret
  25. The Old Bridge
  26. Sons of Fenrir
  27. Upward and Adrift
  28. Serpent’s Doom
  29. The Frostbitten Blade
  30. Reunion
  31. Frozen in Time
  32. Eiryn’s Lament
  33. Blood on the Snow
  34. Bared Teeth
  35. Trickster Demon
  36. Homecoming
  37. Atonement 
  38. Not This Time



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