Bandbreaker Announces First Ever Linup!

Bandbreaker Announces First Ever Linup!

BANDBREAKER; The brand-new live music event designed to bring the hottest ‘breaking level’ bands to Lincoln’s fans will officially launch at the opening event on Friday 13th January 2023. The event which will take place at the premier music venue The Platform at The Engine Shed in Lincoln has been curated by the team behind Rock Lynx Magazine and has been put in place to support the emerging scene.

Jordan Merrett Rock Lynx Editor & BANDBREAKER Curator mentioned.

“We’ve built BANDBREAKER to showcase breaking bands and emerging artists that we forecast as having big futures on the horizon. We want to provide fans of new music with a chance to see the next Arctic Monkeys, or Royal Blood, we want to give people a show that has a reason to get excited about. We full well know that everyone who witnesses the scenes unfold will say that BANDBREAKER was worth every penny”

BANDBREAKER Volume One calls on FIZZY BLOOD to headline on the release day of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Pan Am Blues’. The indie-rock powerhouse effortlessly switch from full throttled, ear shattering sonic backbone to an infectious, groove-ridden pulse. FIZZY BLOOD are known for their live energy, and alongside hyperactive mosh-inciting main support band MOSKITO, accompanied by Lincoln indie masters L.A. Sunday and The Winslows, the first ever BANDBREAKER is going to be one to remember.

All four bands playing the event have mentioned.

“We’re super excited to be bringing our show to Lincoln on 13th January, the day of our album release. Lincoln is a place that is dear to our hearts, It’s going to be a great time.” – FIZZY BLOOD

“The ‘shire’ has played host to some of our favourite shows and we can’t wait to show you lot what the hype’s all about. It’s our home, Lincoln never fails to deliver.” – MOSKITO

“We’re full of beans and pumped to share the stage with these other great acts. Playing gigs like this is why we started as a band, so to be starting the year off like this couldn’t be more perfect for us!” – L.A. SUNDAY

We’re really looking forward to showing off the new setlist and new image of the band – it’s the start of a busy run of gigs for the new year and hopefully where we make some progress expanding” THE WINSLOWS




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