BEGLIKA FESTIVAL returns for a 7th year


BEGLIKA FESTIVAL returns for a 7th year

With a scorching Summer almost upon us, this year’s 7th edition of Bulgaria’s super under the rader BEGLIKA FESTIVAL gets set to heat up the beauitful Bulgarian Rhodopean mountains from 27th – 30th August.

Imagine: a magical lake, emerald green slopes and hammocks in the sun. Then you will start to get into the BEGLIKA spirit.
Originated in 2008 BEGLIKA FEST has gained wide reach and international popularity with the successfully managed image of an event that unites people with “alternative” way of thinking, around matters of ecology and “green” ideas. BEGLIKA 2015 continues to be a festival for Creativity and life in harmony with nature”, while all the values integrated over the years have been synthesized in one motto: CREATE. PLAY. BE.
This year’s programme includes the following strands: Music, Co-create (workshops and handmade & crafts bazaar), Sports (water sports, yoga, etc.), Forum (presentations, lectures and workshops on parenting, sustainable future, fair trade, innovative cultural management, alternative economics, health & well-being, etc.) BEGLIKA FEST works with local manufacturers to provide food stalls and operate 3 drinks bars on site. Aged 3 or 83, there is something for everyone at Beglika.
Main music stage will offer up a diverse live and dj music line-up includes the likes of: Kaba Horo, [dunklebunt], DJ Kosta Kostov, MC Killo Killo & Killo Killo Banda, as well as selected local artists.
In line with the concept of co-creation and the festival organisers’ desire to involve the audience in the process of shaping the programme, The acoustic Stage at Beglika has a set up open call for musicians: anyone is welcome, as long as a planned set is live acoustic and doesn’t require any sound system. Thus, the Acoustic Stage will become a free platform for exposure for emerging musical talent.
Arts and performance strand is represented this year by creative circus theatre troupe, handcraft bazaar and workshops, paintings in the surrounding forest and Playback Theatre “Here and Now” – the first Bulgarian member of the International Playback Theatre Network, specializing in psychodrama methods for self-discovery. Playback Theatre is created in 1975 in USA by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas; 40 years later it’s used successfully not only for its art qualities, but for its huge social meaning. People can gain insight, catharsis, connection, and self-expression through telling their stories and participating in enacting stories of others. Everything is spontaneous and improvised.
Expect also 3D mapping on water, dance performance on a rafts and immersive magical forest. There are also arts & handcrafts classes for the little ones, as part of the day care facilities on site.  
Forum strand reflects the ideas embedded in “BE” of “CREATE.PLAY.BE”: a carefully selected and prepared series of workshops and presentations from leading experts in each field. You will have the chance to hear and test out new holistic practices in nutrition, well-being, self-development through gamification. Economics – social and financial – is an important topic at BEGLIKA FEST, too – this year we will explore the principles of The Blue Economy, sustainable business ideas, and foundations for adapting Jacques Fresco’s practices of social engineering. The festival itself is exemplary for fair trade and alternative financial systems, providing the option to purchase tickets with Cryptocurrency and allowing daily goods exchange & free trade during designated hours.
Likewise, BEGLIKA FEST is strong on the environmental conservation front and is proud to have reduced energy consumption near zero, being the only festival on the Balkans that runs on bio fuel generator (pretty much for the running of main music stage only) and moonlight. After all, you can’t beat campfire songs and walks under the pale moon! This year’s ticket price policy officially states inclusion of the carbon credits, to offset damaging carbon emissions generated by all attending vehicles – every guest of BEGLIKA FEST takes a stand alongside the organisers for carbon emission reductions and responsible festival going.
Following the established motto of “life in harmony with nature”, this year’s festival edition is joining forces with – professional consultants in human design in Bulgaria. Human design teaches us to live in harmony with our own nature, understanding and valuing our being, connecting with who we are – a compulsory element in achieving harmonious society. Using gamefication and ALIVE method, will take participants on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and in-depth appreciation of the world around us. A special module of the festival’s programme will be also dedicated to parenting and education
Tickets for the whole duration of the festival (4 days) are available at £28 (75 lev)

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WHAT; Beglika Festival 2015
WHEN: 27th – 30th August 
WHERE: Western Rhodope mountains Bulgaira
PRICE:  £28 (75 lev) for 4 day pass