Behind The Scenes of Afronova’s ‘Kuimba’

Behind The Scenes of Afronova’s ‘Kuimba’

Behind The Scenes of Afronova’s ‘Kuimba’

Hi Guys, congrats on your new single ‘Kuimba’, what was the inspiration behind the release?

Thank you very much! The inspiration for ‘Kuimba’ came from the idea of creating a song that embraces strong African influences. We laid down the production groundwork and then built the song from there.

What does the title mean?

‘Kuimba’ means ‘to sing’ in Swahili.

What can we expect to hear?

You can expect to hear a beautiful vocal melody in a typical African sound, mixed with percussion and an Afro house beat.

The vocals are taken from a song by Sofiya Nzau, what are the pros and cons of using a sampled vocal?

It was both amusing and disappointing to find out after the song was finished that the sample had been used by other artists and the melody of the chorus was already world-famous. That’s a downside when choosing a sample to work with. Then again, I believe a beautiful melody can be expressed in many musical ways. An advantage might be that the melody is already popular.

Production wise, how did you go about putting the release together and who did what in the studio?

We usually gather to decide on upcoming projects or songs, then Cristian mostly takes charge of the production part with ideas and input from the group.

Did you face any challenges or obstacles in the writing or recording process?

The only “problem” was the aforementioned issue of the sample already being used, and we were unaware of it. Otherwise, everything went very smoothly.

What was the main kit that you used on the release and did you get to work with any new instruments or kit in the process?

The samples were the strongest element in this song. We also used old synthesizers like the M1 for some sounds, our own drum machines, and live recording as well. Although Thiago’s spectacular conga and timbales solo is there, I believe it was the samples that laid the foundation for the song this time.

And what’s your favourite piece of studio kit that defines your sound?

Roland’s drum machines.

How has the release been going down in your live sets?

It captures attention with Sofiya’s voice and when the kora instrument comes in, it becomes more rhythmic. Many people wonder what the song is, and it has been appreciated on several dance floors around.

As a live act, what’s your set up and what can we expect to hear?

Lots of rhythms and a mix of African and Latin rhythms, both musical and punchy. No sitting audience!

You’ve recently launched your own Afronova Records label, please tell us a bit about your plans and what’s coming up there?

We are planning further releases with other artists and creating an important part in Scandinavia for Afro/Latin House.

When you’re not making music or DJing, what do you do to chill out?

I don’t know if we ever stop listening to music, it’s more like we put on a jazzy, soulful/funky playlist and enjoy it with our nearest and dearests.

What’s next for Afronova?

Some remixes and new productions are coming up soon, we have a lot in the pipeline.

Afronova ‘Kuimba’ is out now on Afronova Records.



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