Behind The Scenes Of Senseless Live’s ‘Intentions’


Behind The Scenes Of Senseless Live’s ‘Intentions’

Canadian duo Senseless Live have been cooking up some impressive material during the last few months and have reached a peak with their latest release ‘Intentions’, which has hit the shelves on the 6th of July, 2015. Having already attracted attention with their previous production ‘Ricochet EP’, John Glassey and Kim Sykes, the tandem behind the Senseless Live project, have climbed Beatport’s ‘Nu-Disco’ and ‘Chill-Out’ Top 10 charts with their newest eight track package.

A production effort spanning over 8 months of experimentation, ‘Intentions’ has resulted into a top-notch Deep, Progressive and Tech House infused release, featuring also smooth, soulful vocals, deep bass-lines, enticing melodies and diverse dynamics and textures. Whilst John took the lead on the production and composition side of things, Kim put her mind at work on the songwriting, coming up with refined melodies and lyrics, resulting into a sheer display of chemistry between them.

Whilst ‘Intentions’ can be considered the leading track on this release, also deriving the name of the whole album, Senseless Live did not fall short of exciting elements in the other seven productions. The album’s starting point was actually ‘Speak’, which set the spark for the duo to continue their writing journey and complete the full album with other wonders such as: ‘Trip My Mind’, ‘Traces’, ‘Matter No Matter’, ‘For Sure for Certain’, ‘Let Me Out’ and ‘Ricochet’. Each production fits a purpose in Senseless Live’s intricate musical vision for this album, taking their listeners into a diverse dimension of electronic music sub-genres with each track, introducing elements from Trip-Hop, Funk, Chill-Out and many others.

‘Intentions’ has also deepened Senseless Live’s relationship with Capital Heaven Records. Having been behind their previous release ‘Ricochet EP’, the imprint has been in full-support of ‘Intentions’, dubbing it the soundtrack of your summer”. Following the high acclaim received for this album, Senseless Live and Capital Heaven Records are now working on a full remix LP of this project to be released in the months ahead, so stay on the look-out!