Binoy’s ethereal new track ‘Sunset Season’

Binoy’s ethereal new track ‘Sunset Season’

Just as captivating as its predecessor, new track from LA based alternative pop artist Binoy, ‘Sunset Season’, is exactly what you need to hear right now.

Boasting an ethereal soundscape and delicate percussion section, ‘Sunset Season’ is a delicate and entirely bewitching single, from one of the most highly anticipated newcomers of 2020. Released after the resounding success of ‘Silver Lake’ and its stunning music video, ‘Sunset Season’ is Binoy’s first release of the year, already marking this to be one filled of sure fire success for the young artist. 

When asked about his inspiration behind ‘Sunset Season’ Binoy shared:

“I wrote ‘Sunset Season’ in dedication to the close group of friends I have around me. It represents the distinct comfort of a close bond, like glancing up at an unexpectedly beautiful sunset that can melt even the worst of days into a moment of warmth.”

Taking the chill out of the air and sweeping you away on the relaxed beats and enchanting vocals, ‘Sunset Season’ is a warm and entirely hypnotic offering from an artist with a glowing future ahead of him. 



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