Blaine Mason delivers “Monobloc” on Darkroom Bureau

Blaine Mason delivers “Monobloc” on Darkroom Bureau

Blaine Mason delivers four groove-focused techno tracks in “Monobloc”, an EP which offers a range of sounds well-suited for the peak hour.

The title track “Monobloc” opens the EP with a floor-stomping kick/hat pattern, then keeps you on your toes with dissonant lead synths and a half-stepping midsection.

“Cylinder Head” follows with disembodied vocal slices, intricate hat/clap patterns, and pleasant chord stabs. “Crankshaft” offers shuffling hats, suspenseful breaks, and a heavy push-pull interplay between the kick and bass.

“Misfire” ultimately drives the EP to a close through a strong kick/bass groove, using rich-sounding chord pads to take on a more subdued atmosphere.

Each track on “Monobloc EP” is a look into the darker realms of electronic music. The EP’s sound is characterized by driving rhythms, and thunderous kicks.

From the moment the EP kicks off, it grabs your attention and never lets go. The four tracks seamlessly blend together, taking the listener on an intense and hypnotic ride. Whether experienced on a dancefloor or through headphones, “Monobloc EP” is a testament to Blaine Mason’s mastery of the genre and his ability to create music that pushes boundaries and demands to be felt.

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