Boku Releases 3-Track ‘Fortune’ EP Out Now On Feel Good Lost

Boku Releases 3-Track ‘Fortune’ EP Out Now On Feel Good Lost

Back on the release radar in the new year, burgeoning creative force Boku returns with a highly-anticipated ‘Fortune’ EP. The Irish talent provided fans with a sneak peek of what to expect earlier this month with his lead single ‘Fortune’, which has gone on to impressively amass over 13,000 total streams in virtually no time at all. Out now on Feel Good Lost, the 3-track offering is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.



The first track to kick things off, ‘Meandering’, begins with an audibly mellow tone, featuring the light playing of a piano alongside contemplatively entrancing ambient production elements. The tune effortlessly evokes a sense of awe and crepuscularity, as if one is just waking up in the early hours of the morning to an abundance of nature whilst letting their mind meander. The driving beat, infectious rhythm, and repetitive vocal cut maintain a subdued energy, serving as a great high-octane counterpart to the rest of the song’s softer aspects.



Enough For Now’ takes the reins next, and showcases the innovative producer’s eclectically solid production prowess. Atmospherically enticing, the shimmering original production places a strong emphasis on sound and its calming effect, with a shiny melody carrying the track’s restrained energy throughout its duration with ease. Throughout, one can sense a glimmer of healing and hope, wholly courtesy of the artist’s feel-good approach to crafting the pleasantly-sounding EP.


Lastly, the lead single ‘Fortune’ rounds out the release, replete with dreamy synths and an upbeat ambiance. Discombobulated, heady vocal chops are once again introduced into the space, this time alongside a more propulsive, lively beat. Infectiously pensive from start to finish, it’s clear that Boku effectively designed his latest opus with the sole intent to relax and calm the listener’s mind, essentially presenting a sonic respite from the harshness of reality.


‘This EP was a very healing project for me and the track order of the EP plays out in the same order that it was written. It was me prevailing through a difficult time. We can all get lost at some stage and you have to work to reclaim your purpose. These tracks really helped me to refind mine.’ – Boku




Ian Ring, known as Boku, is a burgeoning Irish downtempo musician who has been actively releasing his own unique take on electronic dance music since August of 2019. The esteemed artist initially started out his career in the field as part of an electro-pop duo, Young Wonder, consisting of Ring and fellow Cork native Rachel Koeman. His recent foray into the dance music landscape has garnered the attention of renowned entities in the industry, such as the labels he’s released with, SonyUltra RecordsUniversal Music Group, and Warner Music, in addition to support from BBC Radio 1.



Boku’s perpetual upwards trajectory has been a sight to behold, and 2021 has much in store to look forward to from the rising Irish powerhouse with the 3-track EP serving as an exciting fresh addition to his growing back-catalog.



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