Brazilian Rising Star Buranello Lands on Enormous Vision with Calling Angels Feat. Killer Mode

Brazilian Rising Star Buranello Lands on Enormous Vision with Calling Angels Feat. Killer Mode

Following his label debut Rising earlier this year, Brazilian rising star Buranello returns to Enormous Vision with his biggest release to-date, Calling Angels, featuring majestic vocals by Killer Mode – out now on all streaming platforms.

Brimming with emotion from the very first beat, Buranello invites listeners on an enthralling sonic journey through darkness and light. Combining Killer Mode’s soaring vocals and dramatic instrumentation, Buranello showcases his masterful production prowess within moments of play. Commanding attention with epic peaks and breaks, he calls upon deep basslines and hypnotic synths, resulting in an outstanding slice of dance music that will work its magic both on and off the dancefloor.“Calling Angels is a very special production. It is one of my first productions and one of my favorites. I love the vibe and atmosphere of the track, which is very emotional.
The vocals from Siera Killer (Killer Mode) were the perfect addition to the arrangement. The lyrics and harmony embody the whole vibe and gave the track the story it deserves.
” – Buranello

What do surfing and electronic music have in common? At first glance, they may seem like very different activities, but there are interesting similarities between these two forms of expression, and a great representative of this passion is the DJ, surfer, and music producer Buranello. Experienced in a vibrant social environment, while surfing demands excellent physical and mental fitness to challenge waves and maintain balance on the board, electronic music is often associated with intense emotional states, featuring accelerated rhythms and pulsating beats that can energize and inspire listeners. It is with these skills that Buranello, raised on the sands of Maresias in the North Coast of São Paulo and Southern California, has been developing his style.

With a respected academic background, at only 22 years old, he studied Introduction to Music Production at Point Blank Los Angeles in 2018 and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production and Sound Engineering at Point Blank London. In 2023, he embarked on his journey as a recording artist, signing his track Rising to renowned imprint Enormous Vision. His productions showcase his musical values and use of organic instrumentation with sounds extracted from nature. With an array of productions ready for release, Buranello continues to flourish into one of the scene’s most promising talents.



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