BREACH – a new immersive party launches in London with AZTECH.

BREACH – a new immersive party launches in London with AZTECH.

BREACH – a new immersive party launches in London with AZTECH, the first in a series of experiential tech house events 

  • AZTECH, by BREACH will see partygoers enter via a portal to an ancient Aztec civilisation
  • Prepare for past and present to become one, with 7 hours of mind-bending house music, incredible artists and live performers
  • DJs include DJ Sirius B, James Dexter and Mihai one of the most innovative Eastern European producers
  • Tickets are available here

BREACH, a new immersive club experience, named after its theme of breaching multiple dimensions in time, launches in London on 16th September with AZTECH. Upon arrival, ravers will step through a transformative portal, transporting them back in time to the ancient Aztec civilisation.

Seven hours of mind bending house music, floor to ceiling production, lucid projections and live performers walking amongst the crowd will see Kachette, in Shoreditch transformed from 9pm until late.

Founded by two Londoners, tech house DJ Sirius B aka Nam and Ladhi, a mysterious globe-trotting party-producer,  BREACH is an upcoming series of events specifically designed to take party goers on an unforgettable journey using a standout soundtrack of tech, progressive and vocal house.

DJs set to perform at AZTECH include:

Mihai – Mihai Popoviciu, considered one of the most innovative Eastern European producers of electronic music today, will deliver a set full of surprises.

DJ Sirius B – Tech house favourite and BREACH cofounder

James Dexter – Owner of Inermu Records London record label

BREACH, a mysterious new house music brand that has a focus on experiential events that breach dimensions in time will incorporate DJ sets from both founders who have DJ’d for the past 20 years in locations as diverse as Beirut, Dubai, Thailand, Bali, and Ibiza.

Co-founder of BREACH, Ladhi, whose identity cannot be revealed due to his former role in the security services, says “Nam and I have been best mates since our school days in South London, and we have DJ’d and put on parties all over the world, but we felt there was something missing from the contemporary London club scene. We wanted to create a really different series of experiential themed events, with incredible music which transport partygoers to a different world. Aztech is the first in a series of parties which will take place across Europe and beyond. This is just the beginning – watch this space!”

Tickets are available to buy here – grab them before they sell out.

See for more information.

Check out Mihai Popoviciu’s latest mixes here:

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