Burnt Island Casuals – Linger Longer EP


Burnt Island Casuals – Linger Longer EP

EP is pairs first release in 5 years
Continuing their decade long partnership, The Revenge and Sub Club’s Harri emerge from their Glasgow studio under their Burnt Island Casuals guise to present “Linger Longer EP”

If you’ve visited Subculture; one of the finest internationally-renowned underground clubbing havens then you’re likely already to have absorbed Harri’s studious approach to production. Here the EP’s crisp and drum programming works to prove an enthusiastic and endearing backdrop to some of the most flexible synth work to grace a 4/4 groove.

Fresh from completion of 6th Borough Project’s sophomore album, The Revenge’s sterling association with quality productions continues;  expect reassuringly slow-mo dancefloor memories, as guest Esa Williams provides additional percussion and unified analogue power on Theme From Easy  Aces and the heady, block laided Belshill Rendevouz.

Their production partnership goes on through Grouse House and Clown Prosecution Service; reproducing the house sounds of a elder era with painstaking, granular attention to detail and sneaky modernizing touches. The latest offering serves as a befitting prelude to The Revenge’s production work for forthcoming and inaugural release on Sub Club’s new label.

If any label can claim ownership of a sound, the pair have honed their obsession and honesty into four lengthy cuts nailing Roar Groove’s thematic mission statement.