Lenny Fontana & Alison Limerick - Bye Bye


Lenny Fontana & Alison Limerick - Bye Bye

NYC Dj Lenny Fontana teams up with writer-singer Xavier Gold from Chicago, who had her fame hit house single “You Used To Hold Me" and writer George Jackson to create this masterpiece tune called "Bye Bye.”

The Legendary Artist Alison Limerick with her great stage experience and vocal stylings masterfully lays down the signature vocal top lead which makes her stand above the rest.

Alison, is a true classy singer in every way and a UK Heritage Superstar in the world of dance music; she is known worldwide for her classic hit single "Where Love Lives” and now today delivers the goods on her new single "BYE BYE”. We are sure this will be another great classic for years to come.

1. Extended Mix (06:38)
2. Original Mix (03:33)