Francesco Belfiore - Bystander Effect EP


Francesco Belfiore - Bystander Effect EP

"made of CONCRETE“ offer the reigns for the second edition of their Digital series to Italian born DJ, producer and "Truth Or Consequences" label owner Francesco Belfiore.

“The Whistleblower” kicks in with massively subdued drums, inflicting a subtle yet perceptible stirring effect from the get go. A slow paced construction, brooding melody and spiralling synths ramp up the tension.

On “Bystander Effect” the same gripping effect is easily recognizable, by the way of huge, ample percussion. An even more subdued and low tone ambiance settles in, channeling a late night dungeon atmosphere.

“Heated Tapes” bring a rave-like tinge to a hefty, thumping construction. Concrete industrial slabs come to mind and ringing metallic elements.

Kaiser takes on “Heated Tapes”, keeping the pounce factor at maximum. Adding his own flair, the Italian producer reveals a more playful, tribal-sounding take on the drums, with an equally touching effect.