Café Olé and Ibiza Gay Pride at Privilege Ibiza


Café Olé and Ibiza Gay Pride at Privilege Ibiza

Talking about good music and a good show is synonymous with Café Olé. The glamorous party returns to the island in full force to offer a unique show, and it will do so next Thursday June 15th at Privilege, accompanied by a very special guest. It is with much "pride" that we confirm Ibiza Gay Pride will be there to add a lot of colour to the night.

The Main Room of the biggest club in the world welcomes Berlin´s Chris Bekker, Iban Mendoza and Rafa Ariza. Everything´s in place for an all-night dancing session.

The union between Café Olé, Privilege and Ibiza Gay Pride – can only lead to one of the most exciting nights in Ibiza,  June 15th  will undoubtedly be remembered as the most entertaining and fun party in what will be Privilege´s most surprising season yet.

Leave your complexes behind and dare to discover one of the best shows and party atmosphere together with Café Olé and Ibiza Gay Pride at Privilege. Be warned that the event will be all about having fun, where the only concern allowed is to have a good time.   Tickets for the event are now on sale at

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