Canadian Musician Super Plage Releases ‘Forêt Magique’ Single

Canadian Musician Super Plage Releases ‘Forêt Magique’ Single

Award-winning musician Super Plage released his latest single and video, ‘Forêt Magique’, on the 9th of September via Lisbon Lux Records.

Born and based in Montréal, Canada, Jules Henry, better known as the French-Canadian electro-pop musician Super Plage, has released three albums in the span of just two years, namely Super Plage I, Super Plage II, and Électro-Vacances. To top it off, he dropped a 21-track compilation titled REMIXTAPE that features remixes of Quebec musicians such as Safia Nolin, Anachnid, Les Shirley, Ariane Roy, Calamine, Laura Lefebvre and others. Citing Robert Robert, Flavien Berger, and La femme as the inspiration behind his sound, Super Plage’s own production calls Empire of The Sun, Polo & Pan, and Claire Laffut to mind.

Bright and light, ‘Forêt Magique’ is a record glowing with upbeat luminescence. Each note sparkles, shimmering from the beginning until the end like a string of silver Mardi Gras beads. The track is easy-going yet danceable, with a sprinkle of that Super Plage flair, of course.

Speaking about the single, Super Plage tells us: “This song was inspired by a crazy trip to a festival where the music and the play of lights hidden in the forest completely bewitched us to create a magical moment during these scorching nights. It evokes dance, glitter and love in the river. Inspirations: Robert Robert, Flavien Berger, The woman.”



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