CATTANEO Releases New Album ‘The Faun’

CATTANEO Releases New Album ‘The Faun’

Following his recent single, ‘Juno Fog,’ renowned electronic artist and producer CATTANEO teams up with Douglas Dare to unveil, ‘I Know, I Know, I Know,’ the focus track off his new album, ‘The Faun.’

The twelve-track album blends futuristic synths, traditional instruments, and minimal rhythms, featuring collaborations with national and international artists such as Francesco Bianconi, Douglas Dare, YOSIE, Hamid Shahsavan, and Niconote. Bianconi’s delicate, operative vocals shine in the ambient track, ‘Italiano Per Stranieri,’ which centers on the stages of love, while ‘Obscurité’ builds the intensity, showcasing Niconote’s theatrical voice set to a minimalist electronic backdrop reminiscent of Philip Glass.

The album’s focus track, ‘I Know, I Know, I Know,’ combines pulsating synths with a contemplative beat to create a listening experience that’s both powerful and tranquil. With Douglas Dare’s haunting harmonies at the forefront, the song explores themes of breaking free from indifference and a desire for change. First composed by CATTANEO during the pandemic lockdown as part of the ‘Particles’ improvisational series, the track features layers of sound that coalesce beautifully. Dare’s emotive vocals add a new depth and perspective to the composition, resulting in an extraordinary musical collaboration.

Sharing more about the focus track’s inspiration, CATTANEO says, “‘I Know, I Know, I Know’ is probably the most intense song of the album ‘The Faun.’ It is an intimate talk, a whisper of hope, a blow of fresh air. You can hear Dare’s soul coming out of the track to embrace you.”

CATTANEO is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, and electronic performer known for his innovative compositions and contributions to the audiovisual realm. His recent collaborations include working with Diego Buongiorno on the soundtrack for ‘Hyperstellar,’ produced by Balloon Museum for the exhibition ‘Let’s Fly’ in New York in October 2023. His song ‘Il Raggio,’ featuring the Iranian singer Hamid Shahsavan, was featured in ‘Brixia Sonora,’ a tribute to Brescia’s music scene celebrating the Italian Capital of Culture 2023. As a member of the electronic duo Jay Perkins, he released albums like ‘Decay’ and ‘Release’ under the Italian label Ala Bianca. His new album, ‘The Faun,’ is out now across platforms.



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