CATTANEO Teams Up With YOSIE to Share ‘Juno Fog’

CATTANEO Teams Up With YOSIE to Share ‘Juno Fog’

Renowned electronic artist CATTANEO joins forces with Berlin-based singer-songwriter YOSIE to deliver their latest single, ‘Juno Fog,’ available now across platforms.

Following three successful albums and several audiovisual works, CATTANEO returns with ‘Juno Fog,’ the second single off his highly-anticipated album ‘The Faun,’ slated for release in November 2023. Opening with cascading synths and abstract sound effects, the track transforms with YOSIE’s luminous vocals, creating a fusion of tranquility and intensity.

CATTANEO first shared an instrumental version of the track on Instagram as part of his pandemic-inspired ‘Particles’ series. YOSIE stumbled upon the video while casually scrolling and was inspired to write lyrics, compose the melody, and record vocals. When she shared her version, CATTANEO was spellbound, leading to a seamless combination of their talents. A chance collaboration, ‘Juno Fog’ blends electronic innovation with emotional depth.

Sharing more about the track’s inspiration, CATTANEO adds, “‘Juno Fog’ is the particle of particles: fragmented and blended at the same time. YOSIE’s sweet voice describes a conflict between two people, a duality of calmness and harshness altogether.”

CATTANEO is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, and electronic performer known for his innovative compositions and contributions to the audiovisual realm. His recent collaborations include working with Diego Buongiorno on the soundtrack for ‘Hyperstellar,’ produced by Balloon Museum for the exhibition ‘Let’s Fly’ in New York this October. His song ‘Il Raggio,’ featuring the Iranian singer Hamid Shahsavan, was featured in ‘Brixia Sonora,’ a tribute to Brescia’s music scene celebrating the Italian Capital of Culture 2023. As a member of the electronic duo Jay Perkins, he released albums like ‘Decay’ and ‘Release’ under the Italian label Ala Bianca. His forthcoming album, ‘The Faun,’ is set for release in November 2023.

YOSIE is a singer and songwriter from Berlin. Having collaborated with artists including Virtual Riot, Feed Me, and 92elm, she quickly became a sought-after talent in the electronic music scene. After her successful EP ‘Lights’ with producer LO in 2017, YOSIE’s musical journey continued to evolve, leading to collaborations with prominent names such as Steam Phunk, Craves, and many more.

‘Juno Fog’ is out now across platforms.



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