‘Check This Out’ from Jakk’d, HAWD HITTA, Nobueno and $on-$hine

‘Check This Out’ from Jakk’d, HAWD HITTA, Nobueno and $on-$hine


Proving Squad Goals aren’t just the territory of Taylor Swift, LA-based producer and DJ duo Jakk’d have teamed up with not one, not two, but three collaborative partners on their latest single release ‘Check It Out’, on Searchprty Records. HAWD HITTA, No Bueno, and $on-$hine are all on studio-duty with Jakk’d, dropping a summer-ready thriller that’s packing subtle heat and relentless energy just in time for festival season.


Talking about the production, Andrew Wunder aka NoBueno said: “I thought the track was something everyone can relate to and really had a nice touch using some new techniques with Akai’s flex-beat. I loved how the track encapsulated all of our unique and individual styles into one collaborative record” Jakk’d came with the bounce, HAWD HITTA the groove, $on-$hine with the trumpet enhancements, and I was excited to bring the grittiness.”


Bringing four different production styles together into one harmonious mix is no small feat, but the quartet has delivered on all counts. Chopped vocals shimmer over an upbeat rhythm and dynamic bassline, smatterings of brass popping up throughout proceedings to give the overall vibe a slight Latin affair. The process was no doubt made easier by the clear affection all four acts have for each other, as Vjay Seminiano of Jakk’d explained: “There is no better feeling than having an arsenal of music ready to go for 2023 and beyond with one of your best friends.”


“I just wanted to bring a different vibe and be inspired to finally get back into music. With a group of friends I consider family. I played drums for 9 years in multiple different styles of music. House music brought my soul back and I wanted to give back what it gave to me. A sense of peace, love, and finding harmony. I brought the Trumpets and heavy techno style bass to the track. We wanted to bring something very different to the table. With “CHECK THIS OUT” I believe we did just that,” added Sonny Vilardo aka $on-$hine.


“I want to thank God for the opportunity to release tunes and hit the music scene ‘hawd’ with some of my closest friends as well as the chance to really go as a group to the next level with the SEARCHPRTY RECORDS label. The future is looking amazing for everyone involved in this project; from huge collabs to shows and even another tour, those BIG things are coming later this year for all of us,” said Austin Diduch aka HAWD HITTA


 Jakk’d will be dropping new collaborations across 2023, including a string of releases leading into an upcoming EP. Positioning themselves for a major break into the top ranks of house, the duo are definitely one to keep an eye on as the rest of the year unfolds.





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