Cocoon Grand Opening at Amnesia Ibiza


Cocoon Grand Opening at Amnesia Ibiza

The event will take place just two days after their recently announced one off event at Ushuaia, making it a double celebration opening their 20th season with a bang.

Grand Opening  
27th May 2019
We are thrilled to announce that Sven Väth will present at Amnesia the first of many parties celebrating the 20th Anniversary season of Cocoon Ibiza

Ibiza, Cocoon, Amnesia. A combination that has raised the bar as well as the roof from the very beginning. Influencing and inspiring and laying the platform for so much that has followed in Ibiza and beyond. 

Welcome to COCOON20. 

What we do, and have always done in Ibiza, is make parties. 

More dates and much more information is coming very soon.

Join us on the 27th May at Amnesia

We have made plans, we start here.