Collection of Retrospective


Collection of Retrospective

Loose Records is proud to announce a new series of six EPs that will be released over summer 2014, culminating in a double disc CD compilation chock full of musical goodness.

The Italian label was established in 2005 by Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli and is related to the respected events crew of the same name. In that time the label has been showcasing new talents alongside more established names, and that’s the same case on this bristling new compilation.

Across the 18 offerings a fresh take on main room techno is thoroughly explored. It’s a track by the boss alongside Markantonio that opens things up in slick, punchy style, before NHB and MiniCoolBoyz lay down a dark and dystopian vision in the form of ‘Acrylic’.  Tom Hades is true to his name with the shadowy and monolithic stomper he contributes, while Luigi Maradonna gets a little funkier on his loopy, bouncy effort.

Elsewhere along the way there is more slowed down and dubbed out techno from Raul Mezcolanza & Khat, smooth and minimalistic stuff from Hollen and teeth clenching, white noise riddled peak time tackle from Mars Bill. Roberto Capuano’s ‘Control’ is a gritty anthem in the making, Flavio Diaz proves himself to be a master of dark energy and kinetic percussion on ‘Taipan’ and Dubfire understudy Uto Karem keeps things eerie and unsettling on his widescreen offering, ‘Raw Motion.’

This is an essential collection for all working DJs and fans of big, proud techno sounds and highlights the wealth of talented producers in the modern scene.