common goldfish delivers indie soaked sophomore ‘Shout Louder’

common goldfish delivers indie soaked sophomore ‘Shout Louder’

We all love a trip back don’t we? Well, Tottenham based troubadour common goldfish certainly does this in style. Taking you to those retro Stone Roses days full of bucket hats and reverb drenched guitars, he celebrates that this music can still be relevant and hold its place 30 years later, and he’s not wrong.


After the hype of his debut ‘Feel the Fuzz’ earlier this year, he now arrives with the second instalment of his sound in ‘Shout Louder’ and its crisp and indie tinged brilliance. Pocketed in tight drums and echoey atmospheric vocals, common goldfish brings a real fun to his music and sonics and it’s so easy to get drawn in. The flow is undeniable and his songwriting then brings it to the modern day too, making for something truly encapsulating.

common goldfish says on the creation behind the track, ‘“I created the beat using a mix of 90’s break samples. Quite quickly I had the bass line and piano. I’d been watching the “Get Back” documentary, which definitely inspired the vocals and psychedelic guitar sounds. The track was making me think of being outside with friends in the sun, and the lyrics try to capture this.” 



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